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เภสัชวิทยา (Pharmacology) 2018 Anti-insulin resistant effect of ferulic acid on high fat diet-induced obese mice Asian Pacific Journal of Tropical Biomedicine Naowaboot J., Piyabhan P., Tingpej P., Munkong N., Parklak W., Pannangpetch P.
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เภสัชวิทยา (Pharmacology) 2018 Cost-effectiveness analysis of HLA-B*58:01 genetic testing before initiation of allopurinol therapy to prevent allopurinol-induced Stevens-Johnson syndrome/toxic epidermal necrolysis in a Malaysian population Pharmacogenetics and Genomics Chong H.Y., Lim Y.H., Prawjaeng J., Tassaneeyakul W., Mohamed Z., Chaiyakunapruk N.
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เภสัชวิทยา (Pharmacology) 2018 Vernonia cinerea water extract improves insulin resistance in high-fat dietโ€“induced obese mice Nutrition Research Naowaboot J., Wannasiri S., Pannangpetch P.