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ปรสิตวิทยา (Parasitology) 2021 A fluorescence AuNPs-LISA: A new approach for Opisthorchis viverrini (Ov) antigen detection with a simple fluorescent enhancement strategy by surfactant micelle in urine samples SPECTROCHIMICA ACTA PART A-MOLECULAR AND BIOMOLECULAR SPECTROSCOPY Taron W., Jamnongkan W., Phetcharaburanin J., Klanrit P., Namwat N., Techasen A., Sithithaworn P., Khuntikeo N., Boonmars T., Loilome W., Ngeontae W.
ปรสิตวิทยา (Parasitology) 2021 Analysis of Daily Variation for 3 and for 30 Days of Parasite-Specific IgG in Urine for Diagnosis of Strongyloidiasis by Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay Acta Tropica Ruantip S., Eamudomkarn C., Kopolrat K.Y., Sithithaworn J., Laha T., Sithithaworn P.
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ปรสิตวิทยา (Parasitology) 2021 Genetic differentiation of Southeast Asian Paragonimus Braun, 1899 (Digenea: Paragonimidae) and genetic variation in the Paragonimus heterotremus complex examined by nuclear DNA sequences Infection Genetics and Evolution Tantrawatpan C., Tapdara S., Agatsuma T., Sanpool O., Intapan P.M., Maleewong W., Saijuntha W.
ปรสิตวิทยา (Parasitology) 2021 Hepatobiliary morbidities detected by ultrasonography in Opisthorchis viverrini-infected patients before and after praziquantel treatment: a five-year follow up study Acta Tropica Mairiang E., Laha T., Kaewkes S., Loukas A., Bethony J., Brindley P.J., Sripa B.
ปรสิตวิทยา (Parasitology) 2021 Monosexual Cercariae of Schistosoma japonicum Infection Protects Against DSS-Induced Colitis by Shifting the Th1/Th2 Balance and Modulating the Gut Microbiota Frontiers in Microbiology Zhou H., Zeng X., Sun D., Chen Z., Chen W., Fan L., Limpanont Y., Dekumyoy P., Maleewong W., Lv Z.
ปรสิตวิทยา (Parasitology) 2021 N-glycosylation profiling of serum immunoglobulin in opisthorchiasis patients Journal of Proteomics Onsurathum S., Kailemia M.J., Intuyod K., Haonon O., Pairojkul C., Thanan R., Pinlaor P., Lebrilla C.B., Pinlaor S.
ปรสิตวิทยา (Parasitology) 2021 Production and characterization of antibody against Opisthorchis viverrini via phage display and molecular simulation PLoS ONE Siripanthong S., Techasen A., Nantasenamat C., Ahmad Malik A., Sithithaworn P., Leelayuwat C., Jumnainsong A.
ปรสิตวิทยา (Parasitology) 2021 Profiling of Bile Microbiome Identifies District Microbial Population between Choledocholithiasis and Cholangiocarcinoma Patients Asian Pacific Journal of Cancer Prevention Dangtakot R., Intuyod K., Ahooja A., Wongwiwatchai J., Hanpanich P., Lulitanond A., Chamgramol Y., Pinlaor S., Pinlaor P.
ปรสิตวิทยา (Parasitology) 2021 Solid dispersion improves release of curcumin from nanoparticles: Potential benefit for intestinal absorption Materials Today Communications Pinlaor S., Jantawong C., Intuyod K., Sirijindalert T., Pinlaor P., Pairojkul C., Charoensuk L., Sitthirach C., Vaeteewoottacharn K., Puthongking P., Priprem A.
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ปรสิตวิทยา (Parasitology) 2021 Bio efficacy of Cinnamaldehyde fromir essential oil against l i fscit (Diptera: Culicidae) Journal of Entomological and Acarological Research Nakasen K., Wongsrila A., Prathumtet J., Sriraj P., Boonmars T., Promsrisuk T., Laikaew N., Aukkanimart R.
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ปรสิตวิทยา (Parasitology) 2021 Effects of physicochemical factors on loss of infectivity of opisthorchis viverrini cercariae Walailak Journal of Science and Technology Senasri N., Tesana S., Sereewong C., Chaiyos J., Chaiyasaeng M., Wongmaneeprateep S.
ปรสิตวิทยา (Parasitology) 2021 Exposure to dexamethasone modifies transcriptomic responses of free-living stages of Strongyloides stercoralis PLoS ONE Rodpai R., Sanpool O., Thanchomnang T., Laoraksawong P., Sadaow L., Boonroumkaew P., Wangwiwatsin A., Wongkham C., Laummaunwai P., Ittiprasert W., Brindley P.J., Intapan P.M., Maleewong W.
ปรสิตวิทยา (Parasitology) 2021 First molecular detection of babesia gibsoni in stray dogs from thailand Pathogens Do T., Ngasaman R., Saechan V., Pitaksakulrat O., Liu M., Xuan X., Inpankaew T.
ปรสิตวิทยา (Parasitology) 2021 Genetic structure and evidence for coexistence of three taxa of Bithynia (Gastropoda: Bithyniidae), the intermediate host of Opisthorchis viverrini sensu lato (Digenea: Opisthorchiidae) in Thailand examined by mitochondrial DNA sequences analyses Acta Tropica Bunchom N., Tantrawatpan C., Agatsuma T., Suganuma N., Pilap W., Suksavate W., Sithithaworn P., Petney T.N., Andrews R.H., Saijuntha W.
ปรสิตวิทยา (Parasitology) 2021 High Levels of Serum IgG for Opisthorchis viverrini and CD44 Expression Predict Worse Prognosis for Cholangiocarcinoma Patients after Curative Resection INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF GENERAL MEDICINE Titapun, Attapol; Luvira, Vor; Srisuk, Tharatip; Jareanrat, Apiwat; Thanasukarn, Vasin; Thanee, Malinee; Sa-Ngiamwibool, Prakasit; Padthaisong, Sureerat; Duangkumpha, Kassaporn; Suksawat, Manida; Loilome, Watcharin; Sithithaworn, Paiboon; Techasen, Anchalee; Thinkhamrop, Bandit; Dzienny, Alexa; Caglayan, Ayse; Park, David; Mahmud, Simran; Khuntikeo, Narong
ปรสิตวิทยา (Parasitology) 2021 High prevalence of opisthorchiasis in rural populations from Khammouane Province, central Lao PDR: serological screening using total IgG- and IgG4-based ELISA Transactions of the Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene Phupiewkham W, Rodpai R, Inthavongsack S, Laymanivong S, Thanchomnang T, Sadaow L, Boonroumkaew P, Sanpool O, Janwan P, Intapan PM, Maleewong W.
ปรสิตวิทยา (Parasitology) 2021 Ligusticum sinense Nanoemulsion Gel as Potential Repellent against Aedes aegypti, Anopheles minimus, and Culex quinquefasciatus (Diptera: Culicidae) Insects Junkum A, Maleewong W, Saeung A, Champakaew D, Chansang A, Amornlerdpison D, Aldred AK, Chaithong U, Jitpakdi A, Riyong D, Pitasawat B.
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ปรสิตวิทยา (Parasitology) 2021 Opisthorchis viverrini metacercarial infection in cyprinid fish in Nakhon Phanom Province, northeastern Thailand Tropical Biomedicine Laoprom N., Prathummang S., Chuangchaiya S., Navanesan S., Munajat M.B., Suwannatrai A.T., Idris Z.M.
ปรสิตวิทยา (Parasitology) 2021 Orally Administered Bacillus Spores Expressing an Extracellular Vesicle-Derived Tetraspanin Protect Hamsters Against Challenge Infection With Carcinogenic Human Liver Fluke Journal of infectious diseases Phumrattanaprapin W., Chaiyadet S., Brindley P.J., Pearson M., Smout M.J., Loukas A., Laha T.
ปรสิตวิทยา (Parasitology) 2021 Phylogeography and demographic history of Thai Pediculus humanus capitis (Phthiraptera: Pediculidae) revealed by mitochondrial DNA sequences Infection Genetics and Evolution Yingklang M., Banjong D., Haonon O., Intuyod K., Dangtakot R., Thongpon P., Pinlaor P., Laha T., Siriyasatien P., Pinlaor S.
ปรสิตวิทยา (Parasitology) 2021 Promoter hypermethylation of early B cell factor 1 (EBF1) is associated with cholangiocarcinoma progression Journal of Cancer Armartmuntree N., Jusakul A., Sakonsinsiri C., Loilome W., Pinlaor S., Ungarreevittaya P., Yong C.H., Techasen A., Imtawil K., Kraiklang R., Suwannakul N., Kaewlert W., Chaiprasert T., Thanan R., Murata M.
ปรสิตวิทยา (Parasitology) 2021 The first molecular identification of benzimidazole resistance in Haemonchus contortus from goats in Thailand Veterinary World Pitaksakulrat O., Chaiyasaeng M., Artchayasawat A., Eamudomkarn C., Thongsahuan S., Boonmars T.
ปรสิตวิทยา (Parasitology) 2021 TNF-alpha Triggers RIP1/FADD/Caspase-8-Mediated Apoptosis of Astrocytes and RIP3/MLKL-Mediated Necroptosis of Neurons Induced by Angiostrongylus cantonensis Infection CELLULAR AND MOLECULAR NEUROBIOLOGY Zhou, Hongli; Zhou, Minyu; Hu, Yue; Limpanon, Yanin; Ma, Yubin; Huang, Ping; Dekumyoy, Paron; Maleewong, Wanchai; Lv, Zhiyue
ปรสิตวิทยา (Parasitology) 2021 Anticancer effects of aurisin A extracts from Neonothopanus nambi on human papillomavirus-infected cervical cancer cells Agriculture and Natural Resources Boueroy P., Boonmars T., Kanokmedhakul S., Pientong C., Ekalaksananan T., Saksirirat W., Ratanasuwan P., Lekphrom R., Srichangwang S.
ปรสิตวิทยา (Parasitology) 2021 Association of comorbidity between Opisthorchis viverrini infection and diabetes mellitus in the development of cholangiocarcinoma among a high-risk population, northeastern Thailand PLOS NEGLECTED TROPICAL DISEASES Thinkhamrop, Kavin; Khuntikeo, Narong; Laohasiriwong, Wongsa; Chupanit, Pornpimon; Kelly, Matthew; Suwannatrai, Apiporn T.
ปรสิตวิทยา (Parasitology) 2021 CagA(+) Helicobacter pylori infection and N-nitrosodimethylamine administration induce cholangiocarcinoma development in hamsters HELICOBACTER Dangtakot, Rungtiwa; Intuyod, Kitti; Chamgramol, Yaovalux; Pairojkul, Chawalit; Pinlaor, Somchai; Jantawong, Chanakan; Pongking, Thatsanapong; Haonon, Ornuma; Ma, Ning; Pinlaor, Porntip
ปรสิตวิทยา (Parasitology) 2021 Comparative assessment of immunochromatographic test kits using somatic antigens from adult Opisthorchis viverrini and IgG and IgG4 conjugates for serodiagnosis of human opisthorchiasis Parasitology Research Phupiewkham W., Sadaow L., Sanpool O., Rodpai R., Yamasaki H., Ittiprasert W., Mann V.H., Brindley P.J., Maleewong W., Intapan P.M.
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ปรสิตวิทยา (Parasitology) 2021 Development of an immunochromatographic point-of-care test for detection of IgG antibody in serodiagnosis of human trichinellosis International Journal of Infectious Diseases Thanchomnang T., Sadaow L., Sanpool O., Intapan P.M., Rodpai R., Boonroumkaew P., Janwan P., Tourtip S., Maleewong W.
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ปรสิตวิทยา (Parasitology) 2021 Helicobacter pylori groel seropositivity is associated with an increased risk of opisthorchis viverrini-associated hepatobiliary abnormalities and cholangiocarcinoma Korean Journal of Parasitology Jala I., Almanfaluthi M.L., Laha T., Kanthawong S., Tangkawattana S., Saichua P., Suttiprapa S., Sripa B.
ปรสิตวิทยา (Parasitology) 2021 Inhibitory effect of isomorellin on cholangiocarcinoma cells via suppression of NF-κB translocation, the phosphorylated p38 MAPK pathway and MMP-2 and uPA expression Experimental and Therapeutic Medicine Hahnvajanawong C, Sahakulboonyarak T, Boonmars T, Reutrakul V, Kerdsin A, Boueroy P.
ปรสิตวิทยา (Parasitology) 2021 Monoclonal antibodies targeting an opisthorchis viverrini extracellular vesicle tetraspanin protect hamsters against challenge infection Vaccines Phumrattanaprapin W., Pearson M., Pickering D., Tedla B., Smout M., Chaiyadet S., Brindley P.J., Loukas A., Laha T.
ปรสิตวิทยา (Parasitology) 2021 Mucin-producing hamster cholangiocarcinoma cell line, Ham-2, possesses the aggressive cancer phenotypes with liver and lung metastases IN VITRO CELLULAR & DEVELOPMENTAL BIOLOGY-ANIMAL Boonnate P., Vaeteewoottacharn K., Kariya R., Fujikawa S., Boonmars T., Pinlaor S., Pairojkul C., Okada S.
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ปรสิตวิทยา (Parasitology) 2021 Preliminary findings and molecular characterization of thin-walled Sarcocystis species in hearts of cattle and buffaloes in Thailand, Lao PDR, and Cambodia Parasitology Research Hongchuta S., Intapan P.M., Thanchomnang T., Sadaow L., Rodpai R., Laummuanwai P., Maleewong W., Sanpool O.
ปรสิตวิทยา (Parasitology) 2021 Repeated Ivermectin Treatment Induces Ivermectin Resistance in Strongyloides ratti by Upregulating the Expression of ATP-Binding Cassette Transporter Genes American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene Sengthong C, Yingklang M, Intuyod K, Haonon O, Pinlaor P, Jantawong C, Hongsrichan N, Laha T, Anutrakulchai S, Cha'on U, Sithithaworn P, Pinlaor S.
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