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ชีวเคมี (Biochemistry) 2018 Analysis of a school-based health education model to prevent opisthorchiasis and cholangiocarcinoma in primary school children in northeast Thailand. Global health promotion Laithavewat, L, Grundy-Warr, C, Khuntikeo, N, Andrews, RH, Petney, TN, Yongvanit, P, Banchonhattakit, P, Sithithaworn, P
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ชีวเคมี (Biochemistry) 2018 Artesunate and chloroquine induce cytotoxic activity on cholangiocarcinoma cells via different cell death mechanisms Cellular and Molecular Biology Guragain D., Seubwai W., Kobayashi D., Silsinivanit A., Vaeteewoottacharn K., Sawanyawisuth K., Wongkham C., Wongkham S., Araki N., Cha`on U.
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ชีวเคมี (Biochemistry) 2018 O-GlcNAcylation mediates metastasis of cholangiocarcinoma through FOXO3 and MAN1A1 Oncogene Phoomak C., Silsirivanit A., Park D., Sawanyawisuth K., Vaeteewoottacharn K., Wongkham C., Lam E.W.-F., Pairojkul C., Lebrilla C.B., Wongkham S.
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ชีวเคมี (Biochemistry) 2018 Prolonged oxidative stress down-regulates Early B cell factor 1 with inhibition of its tumor suppressive function against cholangiocarcinoma genesis Redox Biology Armartmuntree N., Murata M., Techasen A., Yongvanit P., Loilome W., Namwat N., Pairojkul C., Sakonsinsiri C., Pinlaor S., Thanan R.
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