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จุลชีววิทยา (Microbiology) 2020 Dataset of serum proteomic spectra from tuberculosis patients detected by Raman spectroscopy and surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy DATA IN BRIEF Kaewseekhao, Benjawan; Nuntawong, Noppadon; Eiamchai, Pitak; Roytrakul, Sittiruk; Reechaipichitkul, Wipa; Faksri, Kiatichai
จุลชีววิทยา (Microbiology) 2020 Diagnosis of active tuberculosis and latent tuberculosis infection based on Raman spectroscopy and surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy Tuberculosis Kaewseekhao B., Nuntawong N., Eiamchai P., Roytrakul S., Reechaipichitkul W., Faksri K.
จุลชีววิทยา (Microbiology) 2020 Enhanced neutrophil functions during Opisthorchis viverrini infections and correlation with advanced periductal fibrosis International Journal for Parasitology Salao K., Spofford E.M., Price C., Mairiang E., Suttiprapa S., Wright H.L., Sripa B., Edwards S.W.
จุลชีววิทยา (Microbiology) 2020 Epidemiological study on the relationship between toxin production and psm-mec mutations in MRSA isolates in Thailand Microbiology and Immunology Tabuchi F., Lulitanond A., Lulitanond V., Thunyaharn S., Kaito C.
จุลชีววิทยา (Microbiology) 2020 Genetic variation of Enterobius vermicularis among schoolchildren in Thailand Journal of Helminthology Tomanakan K., Sanpool O., Chamavit P., Lulitanond V., Intapan P.M., Maleewong W.
จุลชีววิทยา (Microbiology) 2020 Promising anticancer effect of aurisin A against the human lung cancer A549 cell line Asian Pacific Journal of Cancer Prevention Boueroy P., Boonmars T., Kanokmedhakul S., Chareonsudjai S., Lekphrom R., Srichangwang S.
จุลชีววิทยา (Microbiology) 2020 PVPred-SCM: Improved Prediction and Analysis of Phage Virion Proteins Using a Scoring Card Method CELLS Charoenkwan, Phasit; Kanthawong, Sakawrat; Schaduangrat, Nalini; Yana, Janchai; Shoombuatong, Watshara
จุลชีววิทยา (Microbiology) 2020 Antibiotic susceptibility profiles of lactic acid bacteria from the human vagina and genetic basis of acquired resistances International Journal of Molecular Sciences Sirichoat A., Flórez A.B., Vázquez L., Buppasiri P., Panya M., Lulitanond V., Mayo B.
จุลชีววิทยา (Microbiology) 2020 Comprehensive Data of P53 R282 Gene Mutation with Human Papillomaviruses (HPV)-Associated Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma (OSCC) PATHOLOGY & ONCOLOGY RESEARCH Ekalaksananan T., Wongjampa W., Phusingha P., Chuerduangphui J., Vatanasapt P., Promthet S., Patarapadungkit N., Pientong C.
จุลชีววิทยา (Microbiology) 2020 Epstein-Barr Virus Infection of Oral Squamous Cells Microorganisms Heawchaiyaphum C., Iizasa H., Ekalaksananan T., Burassakarn A., Kiyono T., Kanehiro Y., Yoshiyama H., Pientong C.
จุลชีววิทยา (Microbiology) 2020 Human heavy chain antibody genes elicited in thai dengue patients during DENV2 secondary infection Japanese Journal of Infectious Diseases Thammasonthijarern N., Puangmanee W., Sriburin P., Injampa S., Chatchen S., Phumirattanaprapin W., Pipattanaboon C., Ramasoota P., Pitaksajjakul P.
จุลชีววิทยา (Microbiology) 2020 Multi-locus Sequence Typing and Whole Genome Sequence Analysis of Cryptococcus neoformans Isolated from Clinical Specimens in Vajira Hospital, Bangkok, Thailand Mycopathologia Wongsuk T., Homkaew A., Faksri K., Thongnak C.
จุลชีววิทยา (Microbiology) 2020 Proteomic analysis of infected primary human leucocytes revealed PSTK as potential treatment-monitoring marker for active and latent tuberculosis PLoS ONE Kaewseekhao B., Roytrakul S., Yingchutrakul Y., Salao K., Reechaipichitkul W., Faksri K.
จุลชีววิทยา (Microbiology) 2020 24-locus MIRU-VNTR and Spoligotyping analysis of drug-resistant Mycobacterium tuberculosis strains isolated from Northeastern Thailand Infection Genetics and Evolution Rueangsak K., Tanuchit S., Chumpol J., Kamhorm S., Ngoenpramual M., Namwat W., Faksri K., Wilailuckana C., Pinlaor P., Sangka A.
จุลชีววิทยา (Microbiology) 2020 Antibiotic Resistance-Susceptibility Profiles of Enterococcus faecalis and Streptococcus spp. From the Human Vagina, and Genome Analysis of the Genetic Basis of Intrinsic and Acquired Resistances Frontiers in Microbiology Sirichoat A., Flórez A.B., Vázquez L., Buppasiri P., Panya M., Lulitanond V., Mayo B.
จุลชีววิทยา (Microbiology) 2020 Colistin heteroresistance in carbapenem-resistant Acinetobacter baumannii clinical isolates from a Thai university hospital WORLD JOURNAL OF MICROBIOLOGY & BIOTECHNOLOGY Thet K.T., Lunha K., Srisrattakarn A., Lulitanond A., Tavichakorntrakool R., Kuwatjanakul W., Charoensri N., Chanawong A.
จุลชีววิทยา (Microbiology) 2020 Comparative functional survival and equivalent annual cost of 3 long-lasting insecticidal net (LLIN) products in Tanzania: A randomised trial with 3-year follow up PLoS Medicine Lorenz L.M., Bradley J., Yukich J., Massue D.J., Mboma Z.M., Pigeon O., Moore J., Kilian A., Lines J., Kisinza W., Overgaard H.J., Moore S.J.
จุลชีววิทยา (Microbiology) 2020 Human papillomavirus detection and abnormal anal cytology in HIV-infected patients using p16/Ki-67 dual-staining Asian Pacific Journal of Cancer Prevention Patarapadungkit N., Khonhan P., Pisuttimarn P., Pientong C., Ekalaksananan T., Koonmee S.
จุลชีววิทยา (Microbiology) 2020 IDPPIV-SCM: A sequence-based predictor for identifying and analyzing dipeptidyl peptidase IV (DPP-IV) inhibitory peptides using a scoring card method Journal of Proteome Research Shoombuatong W., Charoenkwan P., Kanthawong S., Nantasenamat C., Hasan M.M.
จุลชีววิทยา (Microbiology) 2020 Interleukin-31 and Chronic Pruritus of Unknown Origin Biomarker Insights Salao K., Sawanyawisuth K., Winaikosol K., Choonhakarn C., Chaowattanapanit S.
จุลชีววิทยา (Microbiology) 2020 Isolation and characterization of lytic bacteriophages against multidrug resistant escherichia coli Journal of Current Science and Technology Chumsen J., Phumkhachorn P., Chaiwong T., Lulitanond V., Panya M.
จุลชีววิทยา (Microbiology) 2020 New iridoid glucosides from the roots of Rothmannia wittii (Craib) Bremek Natural Product Research Wisetsai A., Schevenels F.T., Faksri K., Tontapha S., Amornkitbamrung V., Lekphrom R.
จุลชีววิทยา (Microbiology) 2020 Prevalence and association of Epstein-Barr virus infection with sinonasal inverted papilloma and sinonasal squamous cell carcinoma in the northeastern Thai population Infectious Agents and Cancer Nukpook T., Nukpook T., Ekalaksananan T., Ekalaksananan T., Teeramatwanich W., Teeramatwanich W., Patarapadungkit N., Patarapadungkit N., Chaiwiriyakul S., Vatanasapt P., Vatanasapt P., Aromseree S., Aromseree S., Pientong C., Pientong C.
จุลชีววิทยา (Microbiology) 2020 The non-monophyly of Dasymaschalon dasymaschalum (Annonaceae) revealed by a plastid DNA phylogeny, with D. halabalanum sp. nov. From Thailand and D. argenteum comb. nov. Phytotaxa Jongsook H., Jongsook H., Samerpitak K., Damthongdee A., Chaowasku T.
จุลชีววิทยา (Microbiology) 2020 A comparative in vitro study on the cerumenolytic effect of docusate sodium versus 2.5% sodium bicarbonate using UV-visible absorption spectroscopy Journal of Otolaryngology Srisukhumchai C, Kasemsiri P, Rattanaanekchai T, Srirompotong S, Yordpratum U, Sakolsinsiri C.
จุลชีววิทยา (Microbiology) 2020 Comparison of different hypervariable regions of 16S rRNA for taxonomic profiling of vaginal microbiota using next-generation sequencing Archives of Microbiology Sirichoat A., Sankuntaw N., Engchanil C., Buppasiri P., Faksri K., Namwat W., Chantratita W., Lulitanond V.
จุลชีววิทยา (Microbiology) 2020 Complex relationships between Aedes vectors, socio-economics and dengue transmission-Lessons learned from a case-control study in northeastern Thailand PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases Fustec B., Phanitchat T., Hoq M.I., Aromseree S., Pientong C., Thaewnongiew K., Ekalaksananan T., Bangs M.J., Corbel V., Alexander N., Overgaard H.J.
จุลชีววิทยา (Microbiology) 2020 Dengue seroprevalence and seroconversion in urban and rural populations in northeastern thailand and southern laos International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health Doum D., Overgaard H.J., Mayxay M., Suttiprapa S., Saichua P., Ekalaksananan T., Tongchai P., Rahman M.S., Haque U., Phommachanh S., Pongvongsa T., Rocklöv J., Paul R., Pientong C.
จุลชีววิทยา (Microbiology) 2020 D-LL-31 enhances biofilm-eradicating effect of currently used antibiotics for chronic rhinosinusitis and its immunomodulatory activity on human lung epithelial cells PLoS ONE Wongkaewkhiaw S., Taweechaisupapong S., Thanaviratananich S., Bolscher J.G.M., Nazmi K., Anutrakunchai C., Chareonsudjai S., Kanthawong S.
จุลชีววิทยา (Microbiology) 2020 DNase-mediated eDNA removal enhances D-LL-31 activity against biofilms of bacteria isolated from chronic rhinosinusitis patients Biofouling Wongkaewkhiaw S., Kanthawong S., Bolscher J.G.M., Nazmi K., Taweechaisupapong S., Krom B.P.
จุลชีววิทยา (Microbiology) 2020 Enhancement of specific T-lymphocyte responses by monocyte-derived dendritic cells pulsed with E2 protein of human papillomavirus 16 and human p16INK4A PeerJ Sunthamala N., Sankla N., Chuerduangphui J., Swangphon P., Boontun W., Ngaochaiyaphum S., Wongjampa W., Ekalaksananan T., Pientong C.
จุลชีววิทยา (Microbiology) 2020 Epstein-Barr Virus-Associated Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis of the Thyroid Gland Head and Neck Pathology Munkhdelger J., Vatanasapt P., Pientong C., Keelawat S., Bychkov A.
จุลชีววิทยา (Microbiology) 2020 Genetic diversity of Mycobacterium tuberculosis using 24-locus MIRU-VNTR typing and Spoligotyping in Upper Myanmar Journal of infection in developing countries Moe Sann W.W., Namwat W., Faksri K., Swe T.L., Swe K.K., Thwin T., Sangka A.
จุลชีววิทยา (Microbiology) 2020 Genomic evidence supporting the clonal expansion of extensively drug-resistant tuberculosis bacteria belonging to a rare proto-Beijing genotype Emerging Microbes & Infections Srilohasin P., Prammananan T., Faksri K., Phelan J.E., Suriyaphol P., Kamolwat P., Smithtikarn S., Disratthakit A., Regmi S.M., Leechawengwongs M., Twee-Hee Ong R., Teo Y.Y., Tongsima S., Clark T.G., Chaiprasert A.
จุลชีววิทยา (Microbiology) 2020 iAMY-SCM: Improved prediction and analysis of amyloid proteins using a scoring card method with propensity scores of dipeptides Genomics Charoenkwan P., Kanthawong S., Nantasenamat C., Hasan M.M., Shoombuatong W.
จุลชีววิทยา (Microbiology) 2020 Identifying nudge strategies for behavior-based prevention and control of neglected tropical diseases: a scoping review protocol JBI Evid Synth Vande Velde F, Longva J, Overgaard HJ, Bastien S.
จุลชีววิทยา (Microbiology) 2020 Increased serum IL-31 levels in chronic spontaneous urticaria and psoriasis with pruritic symptoms Heliyon Chaowattanapanit S., Choonhakarn C., Salao K., Winaikosol K., Julanon N., Wongjirattikarn R., Foocharoen C., Sompornrattanaphan M.
จุลชีววิทยา (Microbiology) 2020 Interepidemic Detection of Chikungunya Virus Infection and Transmission in Northeastern Thailand AMERICAN JOURNAL OF TROPICAL MEDICINE AND HYGIENE Bao Chi Thi Le; Ekalaksananan, Tipaya; Thaewnongiew, Kesorn; Phanthanawiboon, Supranee; Aromseree, Sirinart; Phanitchat, Thipruethai; Chuerduangphui, Jureeporn; Suwannatrai, Apiporn T.; Alexander, Neal; Overgaard, Hans J.; Bangs, Michael J.; Pientong, Chamsai
จุลชีววิทยา (Microbiology) 2020 Knowledge, attitudes, and practices on climate change and dengue in Lao People's Democratic Republic and Thailand Environmental Research Rahman M.S., Overgaard H.J., Pientong C., Mayxay M., Ekalaksananan T., Aromseree S., Phanthanawiboon S., Zafar S., Shipin O., Paul R.E., Phommachanh S., Pongvongsa T., Vannavong N., Haque U.
จุลชีววิทยา (Microbiology) 2020 Peroxiredoxin 2 is highly expressed in human oral squamous cell carcinoma cells and is upregulated by human papillomavirus oncoproteins and arecoline, promoting proliferation PLoS ONE Chuerduangphui J., Ekalaksananan T., Heawchaiyaphum C., Vatanasapt P., Pientong C.
จุลชีววิทยา (Microbiology) 2020 PmrB mutations including a novel 10-amino acid repeat sequence insertion associated with low-level colistin resistance in carbapenem-resistant Acinetobacter baumannii Infection Genetics and Evolution Lunha K., Thet K.T., Ngudsuntia A., Charoensri N., Lulitanond A., Tavichakorntrakool R., Wonglakorn L., Faksri K., Chanawong A.
จุลชีววิทยา (Microbiology) 2020 Whole-genome sequence analysis and comparisons between drug-resistance mutations and minimum inhibitory concentrations of Mycobacterium tuberculosis isolates causing M/XDR-TB PLoS One Nonghanphithak D, Kaewprasert O, Chaiyachat P, Reechaipichitkul W, Chaiprasert A, Faksri K.
จุลชีววิทยา (Microbiology) 2020 Whole-genome sequencing analysis of multidrug-resistant Mycobacterium tuberculosis from Java, Indonesia Journal of Medical Microbiology Tania T., Sudarmono P., Kusumawati R.L., Rukmana A., Pratama W.A., Regmi S.M., Kaewprasert O., Chaiprasert A., Chongsuvivatwong V., Faksri K.