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อายุรศาสตร์ (Medicine) 2021 1st attempt success rate of ultrasound-guided peripheral IV access of emergency medical services health care providers on the pre-hospital simulation model Journal of the Medical Association of Thailand Ienghong K., Sirisantisamrid P., Buranasakda M.
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อายุรศาสตร์ (Medicine) 2021 Knowledge and skills of lay participants training with basic life support program in case of cardiac arrest Journal of the Medical Association of Thailand Pearkao C., Tangpaisarn T., Saensom D., Eku J., Suebkinorn O.
อายุรศาสตร์ (Medicine) 2021 Learning outcomes of an international training course on mechanical cardiopulmonary resuscitation device use for emergency medicine residents Journal of the Medical Association of Thailand Apiratwarakul K., Suzuki T., Phengsavanh A., Wangsri K.
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อายุรศาสตร์ (Medicine) 2021 Phosphate as a Signaling Molecule Calcified Tissue International Kritmetapak K., Kumar R.
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อายุรศาสตร์ (Medicine) 2021 Practical emergency ultrasound flashcards with augmented reality in teaching point-of-care ultrasound in ER Open Access Macedonian Journal of Medical Sciences Ienghong K., Kotruchin P., Tangpaisarn T., Apiratwarakul K.
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