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ออร์โธปิดิกส์ (Orthopedics) 2021 Impact of cervical sagittal balance and cervical spine alignment on craniocervical junction motion: an analysis using upright multi-positional MRI European Spine Journal Paholpak P., Vega A., Formanek B., Tamai K., Wang J.C., Buser Z.
ออร์โธปิดิกส์ (Orthopedics) 2021 The most appropriate titanium mesh cage size for anterior spinal reconstruction after single-level lumbar total en bloc spondylectomy: a finite element analysis and cadaveric validation study Journal of Orthopaedic Surgery and Research Paholpak P., Sirichativapee W., Wisanuyotin T., Kosuwon W., Kasai Y., Murakami H.
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ออร์โธปิดิกส์ (Orthopedics) 2021 Monitoring of Metabolic Syndrome and Cardiovascular Disease in Childhood Cancer Survivors JOURNAL OF ADOLESCENT AND YOUNG ADULT ONCOLOGY Temtanakitpaisan, Yutthapong; Saengnipanthkul, Suchaorn
ออร์โธปิดิกส์ (Orthopedics) 2021 Prevalence of symptomatic venous thromboembolism in patients with malignant bone and soft tissue tumors undergo surgery without chemoprophylaxis Journal of the Medical Association of Thailand Leelacharoenporn W., Sirichativapee W., Visanuyotin T., Paholpak P.
ออร์โธปิดิกส์ (Orthopedics) 2021 Resection arthrodesis and osteoarticular allografts reconstruction after resection of primary bone tumors around the knee: Long-term clinical outcomes and prognostic factors for failure of biological reconstruction Asia-Pacific Journal of Clinical Oncology Wisanuyotin T., Paholpak P., Sirichativapee W., Kosuwon W.
ออร์โธปิดิกส์ (Orthopedics) 2021 Total en bloc spondylectomy is worth doing in complete paralysis spinal giant cell tumor, a minimum 1-year follow-up Journal of Orthopaedic Surgery Paholpak P., Sangsin A., Sirichativapee W., Wisanuyotin T., Kosuwon W., Sumnanoont C., Thammaroj P., Ungarreevittaya P., Kasai Y., Murakami H., Tsuchiya H.
ออร์โธปิดิกส์ (Orthopedics) 2021 Distal Femoral Replacement and Periprosthetic Joint Infection After Non-Oncological Reconstruction: A Retrospective Analysis Journal of Arthroplasty Sukhonthamarn K., Strony J.T., Patel U.J., Brown S.A., Nazarian D.G., Parvizi J., Klein G.R.
ออร์โธปิดิกส์ (Orthopedics) 2021 Etoricoxib Can Reduce Post-Operative Morphine Consumption and Pain Score in Patients Undergoing Lumbar Laminectomy Compare to Acetaminophen: A Randomized Trial Global Spine Journal Weraarchakul S., Sae-Jung S.
ออร์โธปิดิกส์ (Orthopedics) 2021 Impact of High-intensity Zones on Their Corresponding Lumbar Spine Segments A Propensity Score-matched Analysis CLINICAL SPINE SURGERY Chen, Xiao; Tamai, Koji; Yang, Jui-Jung; Shah, Ishan D.; Paholpak, Permsak; Wang, Jeffrey C.; Buser, Zorica
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ออร์โธปิดิกส์ (Orthopedics) 2021 The new imaging findings Passing spine without kissing MEDICINE Kasai, Yuichi; Mizuno, Tetsutaro; Paholpak, Permsak; Sirichativapee, Winai; Fukui, Mitsuru