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จักษุวิทยา (Ophthalmology) 2018 Anomalous Vertical Deviations in Attempted Abduction Occur in the Majority of Patients With Esotropic Duane Syndrome American Journal of Ophthalmology Rhiu S., Michalak S., Phanphruk W., Hunter D.G.
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จักษุวิทยา (Ophthalmology) 2018 Multimedia Appendix Removal and Editorial Warning Regarding the MMAS Scale (Two-Way Social Media Messaging in Post-Operative Cataract Surgical Patients: A Prospective Interventional Study). Journal of medical Internet research Sanguansak, T, Morley, KE, Morley, MG, Thinkhamrop, K, Thuanman, J, Agarwal, I
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