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วิสัญญีวิทยา (Anesthesiology) 2021 Comparative study of analgesia nociception index (ANI) vs. standard pharmacokinetic pattern for guiding intraoperative fentanyl administration among mastectomy patients BMC Anesthesiology Tribuddharat S., Sathitkarnmanee T., Sukhong P., Thananun M., Promkhote P., Nonlhaopol D.
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วิสัญญีวิทยา (Anesthesiology) 2021 Efficacy of a combination of ketamine and morphine for intravenous patient controlled-analgesia in upper abdominal surgery: A prospective, double-blind, randomized controlled trial Journal of the Medical Association of Thailand Ratanasuwan P., Nonphiaraj S., Pongjanyakul S., Somdee W., Taesiri W., Ruenhunsa T., Chanthawong S.
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วิสัญญีวิทยา (Anesthesiology) 2021 The effects on anesthetic knowledge after pre-anesthetic visit comparing between the use of face-to-face interview alone with face-to-face interview plus animated video or brochure in patients undergoing elective general anesthesia Journal of the Medical Association of Thailand Chanthawong S., Phendee N., Plengpanich P., Chaikree Y., Phoesri N., Paksiri W., Silarat S.