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กายวิภาคศาสตร์ (Anatomy) 2018 Acute effects of mimosine purified from Leucaena leucocephala on male reproductive system of adult mice [Efectos agudos de la mimosina purificada de Leucaena leucocephala en el sistema reproductor masculino de ratones adultos] International Journal of Morphology Kanla P., Burawat J., Arun S., Sawatpanich T., Chaichun A., Iamsaard S.
กายวิภาคศาสตร์ (Anatomy) 2018 Antioxidant capacity of Momordica charantia extract and its protective effect on testicular damage in valproic acid-induced rats [Capacidad antioxidante del extracto de Momordica charantia y su efecto protector sobre el daรฑo testicular en ratas inducidas con รกcido valproico] International Journal of Morphology Maneenin C., Burawat J., Maneenin N., Nualkaew S., Arun S., Sampannang A., Iamsaard S.
กายวิภาคศาสตร์ (Anatomy) 2018 Assessment of the effects of sulfated polysaccharides extracted from the red seaweed Irish moss Chondrus crispus on the immune-stimulant activity in mussels Mytilus spp. Fish and Shellfish Immunology Rudtanatip T., Lynch S.A., Wongprasert K., Culloty S.C.
กายวิภาคศาสตร์ (Anatomy) 2018 Cadaveric and angiographic studies of superior thyroid artery: Anatomical variations in origin and distance to carotid bifurcation. Asia-Pacific Journal of Science and Technology Amarttayakong P., Woraputtaporn W., Munkong W., Sangkhano S.
กายวิภาคศาสตร์ (Anatomy) 2018 Cadaveric study of the anatomical reference points for proximal humeral plate positioning European Journal of Orthopaedic Surgery and Traumatology Thienthong K., Boonard M., Boonrod A., Chaisiwamongkol K., Sripadungkul S.
กายวิภาคศาสตร์ (Anatomy) 2018 Carthamus tinctorius L. extract improves hemodynamic and vascular alterations in a rat model of renovascular hypertension through Ang II-AT1R-NADPH oxidase pathway Annals of Anatomy Bunbupha S., Wunpathe C., Maneesai P., Berkban T., Kukongviriyapan U., Kukongviriyapan V., Prachaney P., Pakdeechote P.
กายวิภาคศาสตร์ (Anatomy) 2018 Effects of Leucaena leucocephala (Lamk.) shoot tips plus young leaf extract containing mimosine on reproductive system of male rats [Efectos de los brotes de Leucaena leucocephala (Lamk.) y del extracto de hojas jรณvenes que contiene mimosina en el sistema reproductivo de ratas macho] International Journal of Morphology Burawat J., Uabandit N., Arun S., Nualkaew S., Iamsaard S.
กายวิภาคศาสตร์ (Anatomy) 2018 Gender and Population Variation in Craniometry and Freehand Pass Ventriculostomy World Neurosurgery Techataweewan N., Dudzik B., Kitkhuandee A., Duangthongphon P., Tayles N.
กายวิภาคศาสตร์ (Anatomy) 2018 Hesperidin prevents nitric oxide deficiency-induced cardiovascular remodeling in rats via suppressing TGF-ฮฒ1 and MMPsprotein expression Nutrients Maneesai P., Bunbupha S., Potue P., Berkban T., Kukongviriyapan U., Kukongviriyapan V., Prachaney P., Pakdeechote P.
กายวิภาคศาสตร์ (Anatomy) 2018 Hesperidin Suppresses Renin-Angiotensin System Mediated NOX2 Over-Expression and Sympathoexcitation in 2K-1C Hypertensive Rats American Journal of Chinese Medicine Wunpathe C., Potue P., Maneesai P., Bunbupha S., Prachaney P., Kukongviriyapan U., Kukongviriyapan V., Pakdeechote P.
กายวิภาคศาสตร์ (Anatomy) 2018 Human body donation in Thailand: Donors at Khon Kaen University Annals of Anatomy Techataweewan N., Panthongviriyakul C., Toomsan Y., Mothong W., Kanla P., Chaichun A., Amarttayakong P., Tayles N.
กายวิภาคศาสตร์ (Anatomy) 2018 Localization and changes of tyrosine phosphorylated proteins and รŸ actin in epididymis of rats treated with valproic acid [Localizaciรณn y cambios de las proteรญnas tirosina fosforiladas y la รŸ actina en epidรญdimos de ratas tratadas con รกcido valproico] International Journal of Morphology Sawatpanich T., Arun S., Tongpan S., Chaichun A., Sampannang A., Sukhorum W., Maneenin C., Burawat J., Iamsaard S.
กายวิภาคศาสตร์ (Anatomy) 2018 Localization of EFA6 (exchange factor for ARF6) isoform D in steroidogenic testicular Leydig cells of adult mice Acta Histochemica Chomphoo S., Pakkarato S., Sawatpanich T., Sakagami H., Kondo H., Hipkaeo W.
กายวิภาคศาสตร์ (Anatomy) 2018 Methotrexate changes the testicular tyrosine phosphorylated protein expression and seminal vesicle epithelia of adult rats [El metotrexato cambia la expresiรณn de la proteรญna testicular-tirosina fosforilada y el epitelio vesicular seminal en ratas adultas] International Journal of Morphology Iamsaard S., Welbat J.U., Sukhorum W., Krutsri S., Arun S., Sawatpanich T.
กายวิภาคศาสตร์ (Anatomy) 2018 Neuroprotective properties of asiatic acid against 5-fluorouracil chemotherapy in the hippocampus in an adult rat model Nutrients Welbat J.U., Chaisawang P., Pannangrong W., Wigmore P.
กายวิภาคศาสตร์ (Anatomy) 2018 Phyllanthus emblica leaf extract ameliorates testicular damage in rats with chronic stress Journal of Zhejiang University: Science B Arun S., Burawat J., Yannasithinon S., Sukhorum W., Limpongsa A., Iamsaard S.
กายวิภาคศาสตร์ (Anatomy) 2018 Testicular histopathology and phosphorylated protein changes in mice with diabetes induced by multiple-low doses of streptozotocin: An experimental study International Journal of Reproductive BioMedicine Sampannang A., Arun S., Burawat J., Sukhorum W., Iamsaard S.
กายวิภาคศาสตร์ (Anatomy) 2018 Types and morphometric study of calcaneal articular facets on human tali of Thai population [Tipos y estudio morfomรฉtrico de las facetas articulares calcรกneas en talus humano de la poblaciรณn Tailandesa] International Journal of Morphology Phunchago N., Uabundit N., Chaisiwamongkol K., Chaichun A., Iamsaard S.
กายวิภาคศาสตร์ (Anatomy) 2018 Ultrastructural histometric evidence for expansion of the sustentacular cell envelope in response to hypersecretion of adrenal chromaffin cells in mice Anatomical Science International Pakkarato S., Thoungseabyoun W., Tachow A., Rawangwong A., Kagawa Y., Owada Y., Kondo H., Hipkaeo W.