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# ชื่อนักวิจัย ปี ชื่อผลงาน ตีพิมพ์ใน
1 จตุรัตน์ กันต์พิทยา 2016 Incidence of Clavicular Rhomboid Fossa in Northeastern Thais: An Anthropological Study Anat Res Int
2 ดริส ธีระกุลพิศุทธิ์ 2016 Correlation of Glomerular Filtration Rate Between Renal Scan and Estimation Equation for Patients With Scleroderma AMERICAN JOURNAL OF THE MEDICAL SCIENCES
3 ธวัชชัย ปราบศัตรู 2016 Positive modulation of pink Nelumbo nucifera flowers on memory impairment, brain damage, and biochemical profiles in restraint rats Oxidative Medicine and Cellular Longevity
4 นฤดม ศุภะกะลิน 2016 Extended-field irradiation for locally advanced cervical cancer Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews
5 นฤมล เชาว์สุวรรณกิจ 2016 Clinical factors associated with death from acute pulmonary embolism in Thailand Asian Biomedicine
6 นิตยา ฉมาดล 2016 A Comprehensive Public Health Conceptual Framework and Strategy to Effectively Combat Cholangiocarcinoma in Thailand PLOS NEGLECTED TROPICAL DISEASES
7 ปรารถนา เชาวน์ชื่น 2016 Mri findings of giant cell tumor of tendon sheath and other benign soft tissue tumors in hand Journal of the Medical Association of Thailand
8 มณเฑียร เปสี 2016 Maximum diameter of intracranial metastatic lesions as a prognostic factor in patients following whole brain radiotherapy Asian Pacific Journal of Cancer Prevention
9 วรนันท์ คีรีสุตยกุล 2016 Autistic-Like Behaviors, Oxidative Stress Status, and Histopathological Changes in Cerebellum of Valproic Acid Rat Model of Autism Are Improved by the Combined Extract of Purple Rice and Silkworm Pupae Oxidative Medicine and Cellular Longevity